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Boarding Rates

You must secure your reservation with a credit card. Your card will not be charged until your pet is checked out. Boarding rates are calculated as an overnight stay. Check in anytime after 8:00 a.m. Check out time is noon. A checkout after 12 p.m. accumulates an overnight rate.

Cancellation policy: We ask that you provide us with two days notice if you need to cancel your reservation. Otherwise, you will be charged for one night of boarding. Make a reservation or cancel an existing one: Call 916.991.3007

Please note our prices are effective January 1, 2019 and are subject to change without notice.

Dogs $25.00 per night per dog.
Senior Discount $20.00 per night per dog. (Seniors 55 and older)
Special Needs Dog $27.00 per night per dog. (Dogs that require medications or other special care)
Three or More Dog Discount $22.00 per night per dog.
Cats $18.00 per night per cat.
Special Needs Cat $20.00 per night per cat. (Cats that require medications or other special care)
Walk $3.00 per walk. (up to twice per day)
Play Yard $3.00 exercise in play yard. Dogs turned out individually. No group play sessions with dogs not from the same family.
Grooming Rates vary (breed specific). Please inquire.
Training Gun dog training and obedience training. Please call 916.991.3007 and the trainer will discuss a training plan for your dog.

** All rates include food and a special food treat delivered each day.

Dog and Cat Boarding

Hunting dog trainingHunting dog training

We offer spacious kennel runs with some offering outdoor gated access. The kennels are clean, safe and temperature controlled for those Northern California summer days. The kennels are also continuously monitored to ensure your dog is comfortable.

We are happy to feed your dog our house food which is a high quality kibble or you may bring your dog's own food. We ask that the food be separated into plastic baggies with your pet's name marked on the baggies.

The cats are housed separately in their own air conditioned cottage where they are safe and secure. We offer daily attention to your cat so that he/she won't be too lonely. We also provide our own house food to your cat or you may bring your own. We ask that the food be separated into plastic baggies with your pet's name marked on the baggies.

You may bring your dog/cat bedding or we will provide a cozy bed. Toys from home are always welcome to come with your pet for their stay with us here at O'Brien's Kennel.


We offer full service grooming and bathing on site Monday through Friday by appointment. Prices are based on breeds and the condition of the pet. Regular grooming can help prevent problems such as: excessive shedding, embedded foxtails and painful mats. Grooming may also help identify other problems that might go unnoticed without the extra attention.

Sacramento area dog kennels

Here are some of the services that we can provide to your pet:

  • Shampoo, Massage, & Blow Dry
  • Haircut
  • Hand Brushing/Loose Hair Removal
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning/Plucking

For more information on rates and to schedule an appointment, please call the grooming shop at 916.991.3935

Gun dog and Obedience Training

Gun dog training is a specialized process for dogs that will work as field dogs pursuing upland game or waterfowl. A finished working-field dog goes through multiple training phases and the training doesn't end after a set period of time and it does not occur overnight. Our beginning phase for a started gun dog is a minimum of 6 weeks. Dogs should be at least 8-10 months old.

All dogs are trained with live birds and at the end of the course, pointers & setters are steady to point, fully force retrieved to hand and off leash obedience trained. Retrievers are also force retrieved to hand, steady for waterfowl, worked in water and off leash obedience trained.

Roseville dog kennel

After the first phase of training and your dog is ready to go home, you will attend a session to observe your dog working in the field. Brush ups and refreshers are always encouraged. Field dogs cannot be expected to perform reliably if they are not given the opportunity to practice the skills they have just learned.

Pet-dog obedience training is started on leash and open to all breeds. Typically, for on-leash training the dogs stay at the kennel for up to two weeks and during that time they learn basic obedience skills such as: sit, stay, down and walk nicely on lead. As each dog learns differently and at different rates, please speak to the trainer about a training plan for your dog.

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