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O'Brien's Kennel,Placer County
Earl Wood has trained dogs for over 30 years and perfected training techniques that produce gun dogs that are consistent and motivated to work. They point, back, retrieve to hand, work on a whistle and are obedient.

He is exceptional at recognizing and maintaining each dog's natural abilities, spirit and drive. One of his goals is to provide both dog and owner the skills they need to establish a successful working relationship.

Earl is simply a natural with dogs and understands them. He takes that knowledge and applies it to his training – taking the dog's perspective into consideration.
Gun Dog and Obedience Training
Roseville Dog Kennel
Gun-dogs (both started and fully trained) and puppies are occasionally available from O'Brien's Kennel. Please give us a call; we take pride in careful and selective breeding to ensure our dogs have a sound temperament and all the traits of a great bird dog. We also take pride in the fact that our dogs make great family dogs and hunting companions.

We offer training support all along the way; we want the best for our dogs and clients. We will always be available to answer questions and provide ongoing advice and assistance.
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O'Brien's Kennel,Northern California
O'Brien's Kennel
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