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Gun Dog and Obedience Training
"Earl's hands on approach, working with each dog, really makes a difference. He deals with them one on one. Now my dog holds – no sneaking in on birds and obeys the whistle. I hope he breeds more German short hairs so I can buy one from him."

~Pat McCall with Hemet

"Earl’s training and advice is invaluable. He trained my Brittany and not only is my dog a reliable upland retriever; he also got an excellent start on the water and was fearless in retrieving his first goose from an icy pond.”

~Harry Morse

O'Brien's Kennel
"I wouldn't have any other trainer. When I get my dogs back they are so happy, obedient and retrieve birds to hand. Earl Wood did an incredible job with my dog, and he is just a phone call away."

~Pam Clemons

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